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Cabo San Lucas

The Museum of Biodiversity that will be built in Cabo San Lucas, México, involves an underwater art installation designed by Salvador Quiroz, which is an artificial marine reef will be built with the collaboration of Reef Ball Foundation.

This underwater installation will be built by using a special technology designed for this kind of ecosystems. Its objective is to help rehabilitate the sea of Los Cabos and to generate consciousness among its visitors, who will be able to monitor its progress live on a 360° screen in the museum or scuba diving the reef. This will also help to study the benefits of a future larger program in our national coastal areas.

Its shape symbolizes the Medicinal Circle that was used by the northern cultures for energy, healing power, education, and life understanding. The wheel represents the creation of the human races and animal species, of plants, and of the planets. The circle represents the cycles such as night and day, the orbits, or life.

The project is divided in three stages:

  1. Visit and recognition of the site. At this stage the location and ideal size, as well as the scientific requirements of water currents, depth, species, visibility, temperature, points of location of the equipment to produce the reef balls, and the logistics for placement of these were determined.
  2. Definition of design timing and costs. At this stage the technical and artistic characteristics of the reefs were pinpointed.
  3. Production and placement. This stage is still in process. The equipment of production of the reef balls will move to Los Cabos, and the logistics will be followed through integrating the people, boats, land, and materials.


For more information, contact us at info@consejoterricola.org