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Installation of reefs

Along history, human beings have benefited from the presence of coral reefs which have provided food, amusement, and income from tourist visitors. However, these activities along with natural disasters, have decreased the capacity of reefs to recover naturally to keep up with human needs. So, besides a natural healing recovery of old reefs, there is a need to optimize the recovery process by creating artificial reefs.

One of the ways we can efficiently cooperate is by installing artificial reefs which supply a source of food and a shelter for sea animals from the sea water currents.However, not all of the artificial reefs are efficient, depending on whether or not they have been designed according to exact specifications of the space where they are meant to be placed.

Consejo Terrícola A.C., partners with Reef Ball Foundation and Comsolida S.A. de C.V., designing and installing artificial reefs that bring faster recovery to the sea environment.

Artificial reefs have a rough surface which helps the different types of natural corals to become implanted on it. These reefs also have holes that give fish a shelter, and since they have a special design for water currents to form whirls inside them, this contributes to their best insertion in the place where they are located.

Furthermore, these artificial reefs also work excellently to create recreation spaces while they increase the place’s income as they attract more tourist visitors and fishing fans.


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