Consejo Terrícola A.C.
Fragonard, No. 70, Interior 13,
San Juan Mixcoac, CP 03730,
Benito Juárez, Distrito Federal.
Phone: +52 (55) 5615-4659


Waste control

The increasing human migration from the countryside to the cities has created a high concentration of wastes of which we could try to make the most of, or which could be reduced.

Consejo Terrícola A.C. looks after avoiding pollution by trying to make people conscious of the importance of reducing the consumption of goods in containers that pollute our environment. However, this is not enough, so we also try to make people aware that they can reuse containers until they need to get rid of them.

One most effective way to reduce wastes is by recycling materials so that new materials can be made out of these or even use the recycled matter in construction or in art. Reusing and recycling help us change the normal scheme of: production-consumption-disposal for a cyclical one that matches that of nature.


For more information, contact us at info@consejoterricola.org